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Paramount Studios – Backlot

The small backlot at Paramount Studios still manages to accommodate a range of different locations.

The Alley

The newest addition to the backlot, this area was completed in 2010.

Blue Sky Tank

This outdoor pool / tank area is used for most of the time as a studio car park. However, when required for production, the cars are moved, and 950,000 gallons of water is pumped in (at a cost of around $30,000 per fill!).
The most striking feature is the 175 feet x 75 feet sky backing which can be painted as required by the production, or left colored blue or green for CGI replacement.

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Seen on screen:
Star Trek 4
The Truman Show
Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Financial District

Featured in?Vanilla Sky?and?Mr and Mrs Smith.
Although the buildings are fairly short, additional floors can be added digitally.

Lucy Park

This small green oasis in the centre of the studio was landscaped by Lucille Ball.
More information coming soon.

New York Street

The New York Street area consists of six sections.
A fire in 1983 destroyed most of the area, and damaged stages 15 & 16. It was reported to authorities by William Shatner (see video below).
The current New York Street sets were completed in 1992.

Washington Square


Western Street

This area of backlot adjacent to the B Tank was dismantled in 1979 and turned into a parking lot.
More information coming soon.