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Pinewood Toronto Studios

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Official website: https://www.pinewoodgroup.com/studios/pinewood-toronto-studios

Productions shot at Pinewood Toronto Studios

Feature Film (20)

Crimson Peak2015Guillermo del ToroIMDB Database page about Crimson Peak
Poltergeist2015Gil KenanIMDB Database page about Poltergeist
Debug2014David HewlettIMDB Database page about Debug
RoboCop2014José PadilhaIMDB Database page about RoboCop
Stage 02, Stage 03, Stage 07, Stage 08, the Jumbo Stage and the Mega Stage.
The Captive2014Atom EgoyanIMDB Database page about The Captive
Wolves2014David HayterIMDB Database page about Wolves
Carrie2013Kimberly PeirceIMDB Database page about Carrie
Kick-Ass 22013Jeff WadlowIMDB Database page about Kick-Ass 2
Mama2013Andy MuschiettiIMDB Database page about Mama
Pacific Rim2013Guillermo del ToroIMDB Database page about Pacific Rim
Production began November 2011, taking up six of Pinewood Toronto's seven sound stages. (Mega Stage, Stage 01, Stage 02, Stage 07, Stage 08, Stage 09)
The Best Man Holiday2013Malcolm D. LeeIMDB Database page about The Best Man Holiday
The Colony2013Jeff RenfroeIMDB Database page about The Colony
Cosmopolis2012David CronenbergIMDB Database page about Cosmopolis
Red Lights2012Rodrigo CortésIMDB Database page about Red Lights
Stage 09
Total Recall2012Len WisemanIMDB Database page about Total Recall
Shot on Stage 01, Stage 02, Stage 03, Stage 07, the Jumbo Stage [New Asia set] and the Mega stage [China Fall Helipad] - North America's largest purpose-built soundstage at 46,000 sq feet. In total the production has taken 146,000 sq ft of studio space. The China Fall (ship) set was built on a rotating gimbal.
Dream House2011Jim SheridanIMDB Database page about Dream House
The Thing2011Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.IMDB Database page about The Thing
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World2010Edgar WrightIMDB Database page about Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Chloe2009Atom EgoyanIMDB Database page about Chloe
It's A Boy Girl Thing2006Nick HurranIMDB Database page about It

TV Series (5)

Spun Out2014 - Jeff Biederman, Brent Piaskoski, Brian K. RobertsIMDB Database page about Spun Out
Lucky 72013 - Jason Richman, David ZabelIMDB Database page about Lucky 7
Beauty and the Beast2012 - Ron KoslowIMDB Database page about Beauty and the Beast
Happy Town2010Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, Scott RosenbergIMDB Database page about Happy Town
Battle of the Blades2009-2013VariousIMDB Database page about Battle of the Blades